About Me

IMG_0098Hello there! My name is Karmen Packiam.

I have been an educator for over 35 years, teaching children, college students, and adults in Singapore, Malaysia, and America. I have taught in a private Christian school, and was the Founder and Principal of a private school in Malaysia, all of which has given me the opportunity to teach children from different countries, levels and backgrounds. This experience has set me up to be keenly aware of child development.

My passion is to instill an on-going love for words and to teach children to use words to express their thoughts creatively and effectively. I am a dedicated and patient teacher, who loves going the extra mile to see my students succeed.

Writing is both an art and a skill, and I want to engage students in the process of communicating confidently and excellently. I believe in engaging them in the learning, rather than them writing out of compliance. This way, they’ll develop a love for writing. It is fulfilling for me to be able to engage young minds in thoughtful discussions and to teach them to express their ideas creatively, coherently, in grammatically correct sentence structures, and ultimately, to cultivate their own style and voice.